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Win a piece of art from each of us! That’s right…6 pieces of artwork!!! ***ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE ALL THIS !

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We have been getting some amazing comments, so I thought I would gather some of them for you to read.

I think black female artist are dope; we need more female artist of color, they share the beauty of our people from all walks of life


I think black female artists are dope because we all have a story to tell and with the help of one another, we can share that story in the help that it might inspire someone out who really needs the push to keep going! ❤❤❤ . (Side note: So far I have purchased artwork from @dorcascreates and @nubianrockchickart and they have blessed my spirits this year and motivated me to work harder on my own craft and skills and I want to say thank you to them! ?❤❤❤ #ISupportMySistas )


Black Women Artists are dope simply bc they are Black Women Artists! We can do anything, and everything we touch turns into something legendary. I have yet to purchase pieces from these artists, but now that I #know about them, I absolutely will support! Beautiful art, ladies!


I think black female artists are not only dope but a necessity in the art community. I personally love how many of the black female artists that I follow have their own unique styles. I love how black female artists express themselves so freely and how I as a black woman can relate to and appreciate their creativity and dedication. Black female artists are so dope and very much appreciated by myself and the art community.
Love black female artists for creating the space to represent themselves and their perspective. Seeing all this dope art in my insta feed makes me incredibly happy and emotional. They inspire me to keep making art. Also got some pins on the way from @dorcascreates!! Very excited.

not just because winning a piece of art from there dope ass goddesses wouldn’t be fire, but mainly because I wanted to share their pages with you. So that you would continue to feel and be inspired to share your magic. Black women are and have always been the backbone of society and black women artists not only share the beauty and majesty that encompasses who we are. But they help educate some and remind others that they cannot put us in a box. We are more complex than a reality tv character and possess a grace and strength that our fairer counterparts only dream of attaining. And with all this cultural appropriation we need black women artists to keep showing our truth. Proud of these artists, proud of you. Simply in awe.
@feisty_hippie Help me in celebrating these beautiful black queens and their amazing artwork!!!! As artist we need to celebrate each other and Pay it Forward! We’re too important and someday this could be us sponsoring our own competition!!!! With these women right behind us! ✊✊✊?????? #geekin #blackgirlmagic

Black female artists are the dopest group in the art community. No one else can get every curl and link perfectly inked on a canvas like they can. No one can capture the beauty of black women better than black woman.

I believe black female artist are dope because they are able to truly capture the beauty and raw emotions of the black race. They truly become one with their art and therefore it translates to the viewers, and we absolutely adore the work. Not everyone can appreciate our beauty for being fearful of us but black female artist knows just what to do without limits. I love the freedom of expression in are it’s always like watching a beautiful ballet. I love black art, female artist, and I wish I could draw like you all. #isupportmysistas !!

Black female artists use their unique perspective and talents to showcase the beauty of the black community. Their ability to highlight the unseen, the hidden treasures of blackness, of womanhood, of growing up in the black community speaks volumes.

I’m a young black artist myself, extremely young at that and seeing people like me in this industry really inspires me to continue creating art! I think that black artists are really important so that they can encourage younger generations to express themselves.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY!!!!! I already follow 5 of these amazing artists and have purchased from 1 one of them. When my funds are right I will be patronizing all on the regular. It is incredibly affirming to see these beautiful sistars utilizing their creativity to make space for us in the art world. To present accurate representations of us in all our glory!!! Thank you and keep up the excellent work Queens?

These ladies capture the magical essence of what it is to be black and female. We live at the intersection of dopeness, beauty, and pride and these black female artist show us unfiltered and unbothered.

I think black female artists are the dopest artists because of their endless amounts of pride strength independence and dopeness in its purest form. No art is more meaning full with a message and it’s Top level inspiring to everyone as well!

Black Women instinctively project themselves giving us new textures, depth, and new emotions to life
The essence of empowerment, black queen magic, and unicorn uniqueness…that’s what black girl art is to the community.

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