Inktober day 3|Lilac days

Bloom where you are planted

We often can feel like nothing in our lives are going right. I have had this feeling on many occasions in my life it can be a tough cycle to get out of. There is no one solution of getting yourself out of this. What can seem like a downward spiral of endless things going wrong isn’t always the case in reality.

What I can say is, there are some things you can do that can cultivate the right mentality.  As I have got older I have come to push forward the idea in my mind ‘Bloom where you’re planted’ as they say, meaning that one should  always take advantage of what they have in their life. Be grateful for your present situation and all the positives things that are going on right now.  I also try to step out my comfort zone and do things that I previously thought I couldn’t do, one being this art-life! (Not always easy to do for me)

This illustration I drew for Inktober day 3 reminded me of this phrase so I thought I would share a few words on it.

Check out  the illustration and the video process of me making it below.

What kind of things do you do in your life, when you feel like you are stuck in a rut and things just keep going wrong? How do you make yourself snap out of it?

You will always see the words “Positive Vibes’ laced throughout the things I write.  Having a positive mindset breeds good vibes and from that you can bloom in any place lovely.




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