Inktober 2017 Supplies

What in the hell is Inktober you ask…………

Inktober is where artists all over the world collectively join in a challenge to draw ink drawings for the whole of October mainly to improve on their inking skills. Its was created by Jake Parker, check out his website where he explains in more detail.  I did it last year and successfully managed to do the whole month!!!! Here are some of the illustrations I did.

Call me crazy but I am attempting to do the whole month again!

So…… I thought I would list all the supplies I am thinking of using this year.

Whats in the box….. What’s in the box!


1.  Stillman & Birn : Beta Sketchbook 5.5 x 8.5IN

2. Chinese Japanese Painting Palette Ceramic

3.Higgins 2 oz Non-Waterproof Eternal Ink

4. Ecoline – Concentrated Liquid Watercolour Ink  various colours

5. Cheap pens Black Pigment Liner Fineliner

6. Random watercolour brushes whichever is the least destroyed Pictured DaVinci Nova Synthetics 

7.  Metallic Mica Watercolour Paints

8. Winsor & Newton Professional WaterColour 24 Half Pans

9. Pentel Colour Brush Pen 

10. Pentel Brush Pen

11.Pilot Pen G – Tec C4 0.4 mm Gel Microtip Rollerball Pen assorted colours

12. Gelly Roll White pen  (Not that great)

13.Pentel Graphgear 1000 Draughting Pencil, 0.5 mm

14.Canson Moulin Du Roy 300gsm watercolour paper, Cold Pressed

15.Fluid Watercolour Hot Press Block


These are my fav supplies I use currently anyway to make my art but the  addition of Prisma color  erase pencils for sketching. ( Not pictured)


Are you giving Inktober a go, what supplies do you have in your box? I would love to know I have an art supplies addiction!





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